BCR Repeater

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BCR-220 Repeater - 222-225 MHz - 30 Watts - $995.00

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BCR Repeater

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BCR Repeater
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Introducing the ComLink™ BCR FM Repeater System by BridgeCom Systems, Inc. The BCR Repeater provides a feature rich, extremely reliable repeater/base station combo.

Packed with loads of RF power, this dual fan-cooled unit is one of the best sounding commercial and amateur radio repeaters on the market. It's a great choice for your club's new repeater.

Rather than continuing to repair the old one, consider ordering a new BCR-220, BCR-40U or BCR-50V. It's the the perfect solution for a primary or back-up repeater for A.R.E.S. and R.A.C.E.S. applications where emergency management personnel and storm spotters need reliability.


  • Designed and Built in the U.S.A.
  • UHF (400-470 MHz & 450-520 MHz) VHF (136-174 MHz)
  • BCR-220 / 1.25m (222-225 MHz)  - 30 Watts
  • Built-In 11.2A Power Supply
  • Continuous Duty
  • Battery Backup with Built-in Charging Circuit
  • 13.8 Volts Output
  • Repeater Disable Function via DTMF remote control
  • CTCSS Reverse Burst Detection for Squelch Tail Elimination
  • Dual Cooling Fans
  • Front Panel Speaker
  • External Speaker Out
  • LCD Display
  • 25-pin Accessory Connector:
    • RX Discriminator Out
    • External PTT In
    • TX Audio In
    • +13.8V Out (1A Max)
    • COS (Carrier Operated Switch) Output
  • Keypad Lock
  • Adjustable Squelch
  • 12.5 kHz/25 kHz Channel Spacing
  • Over-the-Air Programming and Maintenance via DTMF Tone Sequences
  • Adjustable RF Power
  • Transmitter Fine tuning - TX Voice and TX Sub Audible, and TX Frequency
  • TX Timeout Timer
  • Per User Features:
    • Air Time Logging
    • Courtesy Tone (0, 500, 1000, 1500)
    • TX Hang Timer
    • Tone-In-Tail Selectable for quicker decodes
  • Built-in station CWID - Morse rate programmable 10-25 wpm.
  • CSQ Repeat
  • Carrier Operated Switch (COS) output - Valid signal or Carrier
  • GMRS ready and FCC Part 90 and Part 95 certified (BCR-40U and BCR-40DU only)
  • 100% LTR® Compatible and Lo-Speed Data Ready
  • Connects to all your peripherals
  • Supports optional internal Duplexer
  • Meets FCC Part 15 class B standards - For Home or Office use
  • 2 - year warranty
  • Windows® Based Programmer


Amateur Radio Repeater

Both the VHF and UHF versions operate in their respective amateur region of the spectrum.  Excellent choice for A.R.E.S. operation and emergency management.  They also work great in combination with the DV RPTR V1 for operation as a DSTAR repeater.

We offer turn-key systems.  Here's our BCR-220D turn-key system.  Table top rack not included:

On-Site Communications

Provides clear, reliable communications for settings such as golf courses, warehouses, office buildings, factories, colleges, and universities.

Community Repeater

Each channel provides for quick and reliable decodes for up to 24 users with 38 CTCSS and 83 DCS codes available.

Trunking Systems

Excellent choice for interfacing LTR® trunking controllers.

Feature Rich Base Station

16 full-duplex channels that can support up to 24 users per channel.

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